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FinWatcher in brief

The first global banking and financial Monitoring platform

The global financial crisis and its resulting changes have considerably increased the need for information of all representatives of the banking and finance industry.

On a global scale, sources of information have become extremely numerous and varied, making it increasingly difficult to make the most of them.

FinWatcher was created in response to this need.

FinWatcher proposes the first online platform filtering worldwide financial and banking documents coming from both public and private sources. The tool provides this information to its users in a summarized and thematic format, thus bringing an additional skill to all actors of the banking and financial sectors.

For whom has FinWatcher been designed?

  • Banks and financial companies
  • Asset managers
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Lawyers
  • Consulting and financial auditing companies
  • Surveillance and regulatory authorities
  • Professional organizations
  • NGOs
  • Research institutions
  • Think tanks

How does FinWatcher’s interactivity work?

Each subscriber selects the priority themes for which he wants to receive alerts.

Based on his/her themes of interest, the subscriber receives daily messages announcing the new documents that are available. Each document is presented as a complete fact sheet.

FinWatcher key numbers!

  • Access to more than 400 sources of information throughout the world: Europe (46%), USA/Canada/Latin America
    (34%), Asia/Australia/Middle East  (10%), international organizations (10%).
  • Daily update of information on FinWatcher’s website
  • Yearly, several thousands of documents will be archived

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